Make Full Use of Insurance

Manage ALL Policies in One Place
Struggling with messy insurance paperwork?
PortfoPlus is an All-in-one portal to help you manage your policies in one place, supporting ALL insurers and policy types. You can now consolidate your policies for free with just one click!
No More Orphan Policies
Not sure how to manage policies on hand?
You can connect with an adviser you trust to help you handle your policies. No more headache on the issue of orphan policies.
Strive to Protect Your Privacy
All your personal data will be kept strictly confidential.
We employ bank-level security including 256-bit and SSL encryption. No sensitive personal data is requested nor stored.

One-stop Portal to Consolidate Policies

Have you ever imagined running into an accident but cannot locate your policy information?
Save the Policy Summary, you can see all the details at a glance.


Share with Family and Advisers

Share your policy summary with family members, they can seek help in emergencies.
You can also connect with your favorite adviser to help you track your policies. No more orphan policy issues!


Big Data Protection Analysis

Comprehensive analysis on your full insurance portfolio, with clear graphs to help you easily understand your protection needs.


Automatic Reminder

Often miss your premium payments and have to pay for surcharges?
Receive automatic reminders for upcoming due dates and no more miss

- Our users love the services! -

Dr. Kenneth Lai
"Whenever I purchased an insurance plan, I often worried I would forget the details, whether it will protect me when there is an emergency. Now I finally find the solution!"
Lance Lee
"When I understood the purpose of this platform, I signed up and gave it a try. I didn’t use the APP often, however, there was a time I needed to seek insurance support urgently during a trip, his APP helped a lot. I sincerely recommend everyone to use it."
Jessica Wong
Brand Manager
"My agent helped me consolidate my policies through PortfoPlus. The service is free and is simple to use, I find it very useful. I even asked my agent to set up accounts for all my family members.Now I can manage the portfolios of my entire family via one APP."

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