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"PORTFO+ build up my team's professional image, it provides a systematic way to recruit, lead and train my new teammates."

Rachel Wong

Senior Recruiter (IFA)

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"New Gen advisers LOVE digital tools, I like the policy summary pdf which can be done in a few minutes and clients like it."

Steven Chan

New Gen Producer (Broker)

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"The analysis tools help visualize the financial gap. Clients are more convinced to take up more coverage."

Wesker Lee

Top Financial Analyst (Agent)

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All-in-1 Business tool

30+ financial infographics to draw client interest

Simple and effective ways to get referrals

Winning sales pitches that helps you win clients

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Lead gen by portfolio management services

Consolidate portfolios with FinTech

Support ALL insurers and products

Create Policy Summary in 1-click

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Boost closing rate with unbiased analysis

Interactive ways to let clients know their needs

Attactive visuals of financial concepts

Up-to-date market figures to support your advices


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Client Pro Team
Personal & Attentive Client Services
Policy Consolidation
Coverage Analysis
Emergency contact of insurer, countries and SOS services
DISC Personality Test
Vision Board/Target Reminder
Policy Expiration and Birthday Reminder for Advisers
Export Protection Analysis & Policy Summary
E-Name Card (Profile+)
Smart assistant
Professional Business Management
A.I. Client Potential Analysis
Smart search, Identify Target Customers Quickly
Door Opener e.g. Hot Topic, Medcard membership
Fin.Pyramid/ Concept, Expense Analysis
QR Code Client Referral System
Big Data Analysis of Insurance Policies
Potential Business Big Data
Performance and Business Target Tracking
Smart IDEA, Business Opportunities in 1 click
Tag Analysis, Easily Classify and Filter Designated Clients 20 Tags 50 Tags
Support Service
Self-Help Center
Customized LOGO (Add-on Service)
Recruitment Function (Add-on Service)
Team Business Big Data
Analysis of Team Activities
On-site Sales Training (>20 team members)
Tailor-made Recruiting material
Tailor-made Sales material
2022 new era sales bookset
Team Page and Board
Plan Selection
Annual Plan
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A: Amid the rapid technological development, we evolve from the internet era to mobile internet, and now BigData, AI...
However, many advisers still use traditional ways to sell insurance.
Advisers spend more than 1/3 of time handling "Servicing", "PaperWork" and things that are not related to business.These tasks can be done by technology and they can free up the time for real businesses.

Big data analysis, precise recommendation..are all matured technologies and should be adapted at the insurance field.
Technological progress will never wait for anyone. Those who share the same feeling should now step forward.
A: We strictly comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in Hong Kong
-Bank-level security technology
-256bit encryption, SSL encryption
-Same with many iBanks, we store our data in the world’s top cloud system- AWS
-No sensitive information (e.g. passport or HKID number) is required or stored with us
A: We currently only offer annual subscription plans. You can subscribe to our annual plan and enjoy a discounted price of just $10 per day on average.
A: Of course. The policy information is managed by clients and advisers together.
A: According to our study, clients prefer being served by one adviser only. That’s why our design is to let each client connect with one adviser only. Obviously, you will have the advantage if introducing our service to your client sooner and have them connect with you first.
A: We understand advisers’ needs, and thus this system is designed based on the principles of “Simple” and “Effective”. It is designed to facilitate business of our frontline friends:

1.We are a two-sided platform. There is a version for client login so both clients and advisers can access their policy information any time.
2.Our product is from the client's perspective. All on-hand insurance policies regardless of type and insurers. (including G.I, MPF, and ones from family members) are consolidated for easy management, which leads to more convincing analysis results.

We have a complementary role with the internal system of insurers.
A: In addition to the APP version, we use the advanced PWA (Progressive Web App) technology to build the web version, it can be used in mobile, desktop, iPad… any device with browser. You don't need to download/update every time when meeting customers, and web is good for desktop to input data.
A: Yes, it is called Profile+, a very popular service, for advisers to send clients and build a very good impression.
A: Both can do, but we suggest advisers to do so. You can then understand your client better, and impress them with your thoughtfulness. It is simple, takes only 1 minute to input a policy on average.

To approach new clients, just send the “demo template” to your prospect and offer to consolidate policies for them. Chances to meet new clients have already improved! (Please refer to our tutorial videos for more info)

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